Bryant Park

A Green Space in Manhattan

Bryant Park is located on the same block as the New York Public Library in Manhattan. It has a lot of diversity for its size, sporting several cafes and eating spots, a football field-sized lawn where weekly movies are shown during the summer, sculptures of famous New Yorkers, a [...]

Gertrude Stein

in Bryant Park, New York City

Gertrude Stein, sitting cross-legged rather like a Buddha, is one of 5 statues in Bryant Park. It’s prominently located on the terrace, on the park side of the New York Public Library. The cast was done by Jo Davidson in 1923, long before Stein had become famous [...]

New York Cityscape

reflections of a summer's day

I walked to the New York Public Library, one of 150 buildings on the favorites list of the American Institute of Architects, but it is undergoing extensive renovation and was cloaked in plastic and canvas. Not able to see except for the pair of lion statues at the massive [...]

Nine Windows

Walking the Sidewalks of New York

I had big plans when I decided to go to New York City. See the museums. See a Broadway show. Visit a few restaurants. I did go to a museum, The Guggenheim, to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit commemorating the 50th anniversary of the museum and celebrating [...]

Fruit Stand

the Sidewalks of New York

While I spend much of my time wandering the streets in New York City admiring the buildings, once in awhile it’s nice to focus on the more natural side of the city. Fruit is nature, right? Even on a fruit stand?


Juxtapositon of Buildings

Walking 9th Avenue

Not only walking 9th Avenue, 42nd Street, but also the length of Central Park, up and down Times Square, and past way too many upscale stores on Fifth Avenue where I would be embarrassed to be seen looking at a blouse whose purchase price could clothe a family for [...]