Waiting for the Storm

Red Barn and Silo in Rural Sauk County

A little rain would sure help green things up a bit.

Mazomanie Sand Barrens

Prescribed Burn

A description of the Mazomanie Oak Barrens from the DNR website:

“Situated on a broad and gently undulating sand terrace along the Wisconsin River, Mazomanie Oak Barrens features a significant oak barren remnant containing large scattered black oaks with bur oak, black cherry, and small amounts of white oak. Groves of smaller [...]

All Saints' Cathedral

A View from the Vestibule

I’m not one for spending a lot of time attending church services, but I do appreciate a quiet space where I can take some time out of my day and sit in quiet.

Often that quiet space, at least for me, is out in the middle of a hardwood [...]

Peek of Orange

Crocuses at my Front Door

The only flowers in my garden are the crocuses–yellows, whites and purples–but they are lasting a long time. Last year the rabbits gnawed them so there were only bits of stems at ground level. This year I’ve only seen a couple of rabbits, and the winter wasn’t even that [...]

Face of Lips

Eyes OR Lips?

Saw this “face” while I was walking around an abandoned warehouse tucked back in one of Madison’s out of the way spots. In addition to these, there were also stencils of purple cat faces and purple camels –dozens of them–and a striking portrait of William Tell with a bright red apple [...]

Yellow and White Crocuses

Spring, Spring, Spring is Here!

One step outside my door – flowers!