4th Annual Photographic Alphabet - III


Three Trees on Blue © 2011 Bo Mackison

When people ask me what I do — a very popular question judging from the number of times this subject comes up — I tell them I am a photographer. And then the next question is often, “Oh, what do [...]

4th Annual Alphabet - Part II


Upon Opening © 2011 Bo Mackison

Anaïs Nin’s quotation — “…the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” — seems to apply to some of the challenges that I’ve overcome this year. Years ago, after a series of losses, I [...]

My 4th Annual Alphabet - Part I

As I have done for the last three years, I again end the past year and welcome the new year with a Photographic Alphabet Post. The very first one (2008-9) rhymed and had a Wisconsin theme. In 2009-10 I didn’t get my Alphabet post done until the second week in January, but I made up [...]

Magic Wand, Anyone?

Fairy in Pink Light © 2011 Bo Mackison

Being in a place of uncertainty and edginess can be transformative. Stay with those feelings, even for a moment, it is actually a genuine act of kindness to ourselves. Though being compassionate enough to accomodate our own fears takes courage and feels counter-intuitive. ~ [...]

Remembering Moments

Remembering Moments © 2011 Bo Mackison

We do not remember days, we remember moments. ~ Cesare Pavese

Moments from the past few days:

Sitting in the darkness before the fist hint of dawn, tree lights on, absorbing the beauty of light and color. Many moments spent adding tinsel to the [...]

Grandma’s Ornament

Grandma's Ornament circa 1920 © 2011 Bo Mackison

But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.”

May you and yours have the best celebration ever, no matter whatever you may be celebrating.

p.s. I hear Santa is coming to [...]