Memories of Grandma’s Pie


Grandma’s Pie © 2013 Bo Mackison

“No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.” ~ Laurie Colwin

It was a grand day when I was big enough to stand on a wooden chair and reach the work surface of the kitchen counter. I was perhaps 4 or 5. As my great-grandmother rolled dough for her pies, she would give me bits of pie dough and I would make tiny sculpted birds. Then we’d bake my dough birds on a small tray, next to her fruit pies.

I never make a pie crust without remembering those tiny birds. They were a bit grimy from being shaped and re-shaped, and they certainly were not flaky, considering a light touch is necessary for a light crust. But they were delightful treats, especially when  shared with my grandmother.

Simple activities filled with kindnesses, a patient teacher, and lots of loving.


Bo Mackison is a photographer, book-artist, collector of stories, traveler, naturalist, curator, and owner of Seeded Earth Studio. She has many fond memories of growing up with grandmothers.

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